Wisconsin Fund Coalition Legislative Letter

The Wisconsin Fund Coalition: How you can help

The Wisconsin Fund Coalition is a group of people, companies and organizations formed to advance legislative discussion of a state budget bill proposal to invest $100 million in a privately matched, venture capital fund of funds.


The Wisconsin Fund would be along the lines of what nearby states – Indiana, Ohio, Michigan and Illinois – have done to attract outside dollars and to grow young companies.


Please let us know if we can add your company or organization name to the list of supporters. Expectations are:


  • Use of your name and/or corporate name and your logo for communications purposes.
  • Write a letter or otherwise communicate with your state Assembly and Senate representatives. Unless you or your organization has its own lobbyist, It is not “lobbying” if you reach out to your own state representatives.
  • Here is a letter template for your use; feel free to personalize. And please send us a copy for our records!
  • Here is a link to find your Senate and Assembly members in your location: https://maps.legis.wisconsin.gov/
  • Consider joining us in Capitol visits, if asked and it fits with your schedule. These meetings would be with individual lawmakers. Again, lobbying registration is not required if you have five or fewer “contact days” with public officials.
  • If you know of other entities who should be approached about joining The Wisconsin Fund Coalition, please let us know and we can reach out!


Contact us through SJL Government Affairs and Communication: James Fenley at jfenley@sjlgroup.com.